Fiancé Visa

Including gay couples

If you are engaged but not married, this is probably the visa to look at. It is designed for couples who wish to be engaged, but are not ready to be married yet. 
Couples who wish to explore their options further should consider the following:

  • Is the UK the right country to settle in? 
  • Do we want to settle here? 

  • What about your job or your partner's job overseas? 

  • What if we split up? 

  • What if he/she does not get along with my children from the previous marriage?

The Visa generally lasts for six months after which you are required to return or consider other avenues if you do not get married. Note that it must be your intention to get married within the six months in the first place, and this is somewhat akin to a contract with the British Government. If you do not intend to marry in this county, this is probably the wrong visa to go for. In this case, a family visitors visa would probably be more appropriate for you.

There are all sorts of considerations to be made and a one-to-one appointment with Mr Green will give you a better understanding of what might be best for your future.

Some may say that you must get married to come in and visit your boyfriend or girlfriend. This is misleading. Remember: nobody can force you to get married and the correct advice is not to get married unless you are ready to do so. There are not simply legal but also social implications for such a costly mistake!

You should not be asked to compromise your decision to get married when you are not sure or not ready just to circumvent the Immigration Rules. If you are getting married for the sake of it, you have a high chance of being refused a visa. Do it only when you are both ready.

At GIC we are authorised and regulated by the SRA. We have an impeccable record whilst maintaining authority and dignity. Be safe, not sorry. 

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