Racism and LGBTQ+[including promoting diversity and diversity data]

Protecting the rights of everyone, no matter their beliefs


We do not tolerate racism in any way, shape or form. Racism no matter how trivial is still racism and it is a crime (Race Relations Act). We understand the many different ways that racism can present itself, which take its toll over many years. We are completely understanding as our own firm has also experienced this injustice.

The Present State of Law for LGBTQ+ persons including promoting diversity. [Solicitors Regulation Authority]

This firm actively promotes diversity in accordance with the SRA regulation and guidance-see below

This firm respects LGBTQ+ persons to the core. We have previously handled LGBTQ+ cases from all walks of life. They are never from one specific profession, sector, religion or race. If you are in a true and stable relationship with another person, regardless of gender, race, nationality, religion or sexual orientation, you have the right to continue in that relationship.

Britain and its laws respect this basic right to family life. There is no longer a requirement to enter a civil partnership or get married. This firm wholeheartedly believes in this right and is committed to upholding this to its fullest. We have acted for clients from many diversities. 

In either case, if you require a visa to visit or stay with your loved ones, you can see just some of the visas we help with here. If you are interested in us advising and helping you with your application, you can contact us.

At GIC we are authorised and regulated by the SRA. We have an impeccable record whilst maintaining authority and dignity. Be safe, not sorry. 

Before you use any legal adviser, check their credentials and experience at:
If a solicitor is not specifically on the list, then be wary. 

Green Immigration Consultancy, Green Immigration Solicitors and GIC Solicitors are all registered names under this firm.
Registration number: 470988
Our principal registration number is: 164385.

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